The next release will be an important by giving up an independent ecosystem for the mobile, as it will be able to adapt to all types of screens jump. Microsoft banish his classic Spartan browser, can write notes, and the virtual assistant is fully integrated Cortana
With few surprises and many confirmations. Microsoft has officially unveiled the next version of its operating system, Windows 10, whose main characteristic is the quality to suit every type of screen (“smartphones”, “tablets”, “wearables” and, of course, PC), which opens a door for the development of applications adapted to a new life where premium digital extreme mobility.

Free for owners of Windows 8 and Windows 7 licenses in the first year, the new ecosystem will continue for the extended path for his closest rival in the Apple sector, which offers a similar strategy with OS X.

The browser becomes Spartan
In his attempt to penetrate a new form of content consumption, the US firm has banished some burdens that you chained to the past and therefore a sense of life in prehistoric times. One of the main movements made was to rename the Internet Explorer browser, which will be renamed Spartan, as had been discussed.
This browser allowed to take notes using a stylus perhaps similar to that used in the Surface Pro tablet 3- or manually, which serve to express details or ideas. In addition, you can save content on a reading list to access He later even offline. Although it is a minor point, it will support PDF files. All new rendering engine, faster and wrap cash, plus a radically different design to the current model.

Cortana and full integration of Skype
Another new feature is the full integration of Cortana, the virtual assistant similar to Siri and Google Now, you are ready to apply any ideas and answer multiple questions and handle different functions. Access to this tool is simple via an icon on the desktop taskbar next to the Start button, which returns after criticism with more presence-but can be activated by voice command. “We are very pleased to welcome you to the PC”, he said during the presentation Joe Belfiore, vice president of Microsoft.

The assistant, as we noted during the demonstration from mobile devices, appear on a layer that fills the screen in a very minimalist style and little daring but with a very practical approach.

The moving target
Mobile has been one of the challenges so far impossible to Microsoft. This change aims to become a tough opponent for iOS and Android, the market-leading platforms. One of the major advances in Windows 10 has been prepared structure to fit the mobile screen and the integration of Skype, so the user only has to enter their mobile messaging system to communicate, a decision that puts you on the threshold of iMessage, Apple.

For example, the system will have the ability to cross different platform with the Photos application. “It is the same code runs on both devices, but different to fit the screen format,” Belfiore said. This will work like this: a user take a picture from a terminal and supported cloud appears on the computer screen, which also gets Apple by iCloud but continues to be a major innovation in the house of Redmond.

The microphone button also changes location: now you will find on the keyboard, so that their use for dictation will be more accessible. Also the Start menu customization offer large doses. This decision was clear within minutes of the start of the presentation. “We want to make a more personal experience as possible, where prime mobility, security and more natural management” justified Terry Myerson, head of Windows.

“Streaming” from Xbox One
Another added advantage in the new version is the possibility of “streaming” of Xbox One games if you have Wi-Fi. That is, the player can access their games remotely from any device, similar to what has explored Sony PlayStation 4 or Nvidia Shield Griddesde the tablet. “Let's make it play on PC even more amazing”, he added Phil Spencer, head of Xbox. This opens a world of possibilities and portability of the games, which are increasingly seen moving.

Art. Windows 10 the keys the operating system

Windows 10 the keys the operating system

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