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Best Houston We Repair Computers Pc laptop Same Day average 4 hours Fix Desktop Notebook Clean Virus, Formatting, Replacing the Hard Drive Slow Computer internet problems all brands HP, DELL, TOSHIBA, LENOVO, ASUS, ACER, GATEWAY, SONY, COMPAQ, MSI, APPLE, IBM, SAMSUNG, ECC, ETC.


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Don't worry, we are honest people, we check your computer and give you the repair price, also if you want you can buy your parts and we only charge you for the work.





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iPhone in 15 minutes y Samsung same day.

Otros Servicios Reparación de Celulares Iphone

Reparamos las pantallas de los telefonos iPhone 6 7 8 X XR 11 12 en 15 minutos instalamos pantallas de alta calidad PREMIUN, Samsung toma mas tiempo en promedio 2 horas o el mismo dia.

Tal vez usted no sabe que hay 3 tipos de pantalla basic ( fragil se quiebra rapido bajo colores ) PREMIUN similar al original en 80% en promedio,  esa es la diferencia en el precio, la mayoria de sitios de reparaciones no le dicen esto para que regrese rapido, ya sabe barato ?

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Venta y Reparación De Computadoras, Ofreciendo Servicios y Productos De Alta Calidad, Confianza y Precios Razonables.



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¿Listo para reparar tu computadora? ¡Te esperamos en 3403 Orlando St Houston 77093!

Locating a Computer Repairs Store You Can Rely On Houston, Tx

Marios Computer Repair is Best Computer Repairs Houston Tx we repair in 4 hours Laptop Repairs HP, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, Acer, Gateway, Asus, Get free estimate Laptop Screen Replacement.

When it comes to computer repair service, you want to locate a company that supplies the best solution. You need to find the most effective solutions to stay clear of further severance and also damage. Managing computer system errors can be complicated. Once Discovering a Computer Repairing Shop You Can Trust is completed in Houston, Tx. Then, You will certainly visit Mario's Computer Repair.

Free Estimates Computer Repairs Call Now! 281-701-2651 o Walk-In – 3403 Orlando St. Houston, Texas, 77093, Service area Houston, Humble, Spring Tx, Cypress, Aldine, Cloverleaf, Sheldon, East Houston, Northside, Eastex, Jacinto City, East Aldine, Northeast Houston, Northside, Northline, Greater Fifthward, Greater East end, Greens Landing, Dyersdale, 

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Check out the place:

A computer system is not something that you can quickly lug with you anywhere you go. You will certainly require to deliver various parts:

Accessories such as computer mouse and also keyboard
to where the service technician lies. It is very vital to choose a store that is close to your house.


Discovering a Computer Service Center You Can Depend on and also afford their solutions is challenging. Dealing with a computer is not easy, particularly if the damage is so bad. Relying on the damage and what requires to be taken care of, you will need to pay costs. This does not include components that require to be changed. Wherever you get these components, make sure they are affordable as well as of high quality.


You could wish to take into consideration beginning a firm or shop that uses a vast array of services. Exactly how can you ask them to repair your computer if they do not provide this specific solution? Look for a firm that can provide a selection of services at cost effective costs.


Picture associating with reliable professionals. You do not want to go where the service technicians do not have formal training. You can likewise consider their experience. An individual with years of experience is likely to be able to offer you the best guidance.

You can think of various other points as well, but these are the primary variables. So, you have the aspects to think about when looking for a computer repair shop.

5 Steps to Take Before Going to a Computer System Service Center:

Computer fixings are costly as well as taxing. You have a duty to make sure it is operating well prior to a computer repair service professional supplies pricey solutions. Issues usually occur from forget and also absence of understanding of the computer's needs.

When homeowners know what not to do and just how a few of their bad habits can bring about devices failure, trips to fix computer systems will likely be kept to a minimum. It's also important to understand what actions you require to take to make your computer system run even more efficiently. Below are some key points to keep in mind to see to it that time as well as money are well invested.

Take care of the laptop power cable or any other cable with treatment:

Typically, proprietors ride on it with chairs or accidentally step on it. Keep the cables in a refuge away from the sound. Furthermore, laptop cables are often severely folded up and then hastily positioned in a bag. Make certain to bend the cable appropriately and fix it safely to avoid damage. The cable is not as solid as you might assume. When unplugging the power cord, area your hand directly over the plug, and afterward draw. Drawing in the middle may loosen or completely harm the fork.

Proprietors of desktops and also laptop computers must acquire or download and install anti-viruses software applications:
A virus can seriously damage or decrease your computer system and also even lead to data loss. To stay clear of tedious trips to the computer system service center, take a few minutes a day to install antivirus software application.

The absence of sanitation can cause severe computer troubles in the future:

If you eat the keyboard, crumbs may get stuck between the tricks, which can damage them. This trouble might also be connected to the visibility of small pests. Additionally, make certain your hands are tidy to stay clear of leaving spots or various other unwanted marks. Dirty hands can dull the exterior finish of your computer system.

Do not place the laptop on soft surface areas such as beds as well as tablecloths:
The fans under the laptop can soak up dirt as well as dirt from soft products. This can block the followers and also perhaps get too hot the laptop computer. It functions best on flat surfaces such as a table.

Protect what you pay for. Get a laptop bag or sleeve:

Many failures occur as a result of the owner mistakenly dropping the laptop computer as well as absolutely nothing is stopping it from falling. The case will certainly avoid unwanted scrapes as well as also major damage to your computer system. If any kind of laptop display damage occurred after that visit our Laptop computer service center in Houston, Tx.

Temperature level plays an essential role in the health of your computer system:

It is very important not to leave your laptop in cars and trucks, particularly for extended periods of time. The interior of your vehicle takes in warmth from the outdoors, which can have a negative effect on your laptop computer. In winter, after returning from the street, enable the laptop to heat up to room temperature. This will certainly stop condensation from damaging the gamer.

In some cases, Discovering a Computer Service Center You Can Trust is better than staying clear of as well as adhere to the top guidelines.

I work on all windows operating systems.

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How long does Mario's Computer take to repair a computer?

Every time I have used Mario's Computer , it has taken me from 4 hours to 1 days to retrieve them. 

Is the PC repair in Houston the same day?

Mario's Computer Repair qualifies computer repair technicians and they must have a minimum of 5 years of experience. MCR has over 25 years of service and many satisfied customers repair most problems in 4 hours or the same day.

How much should a computer repair cost in Houston?

How much does it cost to repair a laptop? On average, computer repair technicians charge $ 60 an hour. However, Mario's Computer Repair charges an $ 85 flat fee on most problems. (no include parts)

How much does it cost to have Mario's Computer fix your computer?

Mario's Computer prices range from $ 60 to $ 155 for service to repair the windows 10 or replace the hard drive and $ 115 to $ 175 to replace the laptop screens.

How much does it cost to replace a computer hard drive in Houston?

Hard Drives are the most common and practical computer parts to replace. The equipment costs between $ 65 and $ 115 and the job take about four hours. Mario MCR says that replacing a hard drive costs about $155 for a 500GB hard drive

Is it cheaper to replace a hard drive or buy a new computer in Houston?

says that some of the most common problems require a new hard drive and reinstalling the operating system is less expensive than buying a new computer outright.

Where to repair computers and laptops near Humble?

Mario's Computer Repair serves the residents of Humble Kingwood Atascocita Porter Spring Tx its location is close to these neighbors and the prices are reasonable and affordable.













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