The new tablet Surface Pro 4 has not disappointed. On Tuesday, Microsoft has performed in New York the new devices of the Surface, Microsoft and Lumia Band ranges that run Windows 10 and provide more personal and productive technological experiences.


The new tablet is a larger version but thinner and lighter than the Surface Pro 3. It is one of the products of the company can replace the traditional laptop.

The Surface Pro 4 has a screen of 12.3 inches, 5 million pixels and 263 dots per inch. The tablet has a thickness of only 8.4 mm, ie, it is thinner than its predecessor, the Surface Pro 3, whose thickness was 8.7 mm (Pro 3 was 9.1 mm.). Of course, he was right Rafael Rios, product manager of Microsoft, when he told this newspaper ARAIZ launch of the Pro 3 “is simply fine because we did not want.” It has a main camera 9MP and protection Gorilla Glass 4.

The tablet is also 30 percent faster than its predecessor and integrates a sixth-generation Intel processor with a hybrid cooling system, and up to 16GB of RAM and storage up to 1TB of SSD.
But in addition, the Redmond have been warned: it is 50 percent faster than the MacBook Air. It was clear that stand up to Apple was one of the objectives of Microsft.

The new Surface with Windows Hello enables fingerprint scanner, an innovative feature on a device of this type. On the other hand we see that has a main camera 9MP and protection Gorilla Glass 4.

One of its highlights is the new “stylus” which has 1,024 pressure points, what about his experience using a real pen. In that sense, it also has an eraser in part will bring, like the eraser of a pencil.

The new Surface Pen comes with a battery life of one year and 1024 levels of pressure. Pulsándole, Cortana appears as a double click OneNote opens.

As for connectivity, four USB 3.0 brings two DisplayPort and Ethernet ports 4k while the keyboard has backlit scissor design. In addition, the “trackpad” has been significantly expanded and improved its performance.

The Surface Pro 4 can be booked from Wednesday it may be purchased from October 26 from 899 €.

Surface Book
In addition, Microsoft has also introduced the “thinner, powerful ever created” laptop. It is Surface Book.

Panos Panay, VP Surface, described the new computer as the “ultimate computer.” It has a 13.5 inch screen and 6 million pixels and is, according Panay, twice faster than the Apple MacBook Pro.

“The keyboard is perfect, quiet and feels very powerful”, insisted Panay. This perfection is achieved after Microsoft has been thinking “for years” in making its first laptop, “the fastest” market range of 13 inches. Also it works as a tablet, either detaching the keyboard or by means of turning the hinge connecting it to the screen.

Among the technical features of the machine include an Intel Core i7 processor, RAM up to 16 GB, USB two inputs and one for SD cards.

The Surface Book, with a battery that holds twelve hours will be on sale from 26 October at a starting price of about € 1,330.

The New Tablet Surface Pro 4 Surface Book

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