tablet that aims to steal terrain and Surface Pro iPad


Así es Pixel C, la nuva tableta de Google

The American company announced a new Chromecast thought of consumption audio and unearth news in Google Pictures so that the user can store, find and share photos and videos between devices
Nexus not only has starred in the event in San Francisco that has organized Tuesday Google. The company had a surprise: Pixel C, a tablet that aims to steal the land to future iPad Pro and partly join the bandwagon started by Microsoft with Surface Pro 3. In order to facilitate user mobility, Google has created its first tablet, designed and developed solely by the company.

According to compañoa own, it has “the best screen” of his class of 10 inches, with 309 pixels per inch, a detachable keyboard and a USB charger type C, in the wake of the market. Available in the Google Christmas Store, the new tablets will have a thought for the workplace keyboard.

On the other hand, the Internet giant has unveiled the new Chromecast, featuring a new look and is available in three bright colors and putting the focus on the audio environment, this being a small evolution of its predecessor. It allows the user to enjoy your videos, songs and games on TV and offers higher resolution video and less buffering. From Tuesday you can buy in the Google Store for 39 euros in various colors: black, pastel yellow and coral.

The “app” Chromecast, compatible with Android and iOS, allowing the user, as the company account, configure or customize your TV to act as wallpaper to show pictures of internet. Also facilitate access to content and allows you to use the TV as wallpaper images to display Google Photos, Facebook and Instagram. The novelty has also been marked by Chromecast Audio, a new and simple way to send music, news and podcasts from a phone to speakers.

The user can connect this new device to the AUX jack and speaker to enable WiFi. Finally, the company has announced new in Google Photos. Now, the user can store, find and share photos and videos between devices and with a family and friends more easily.

From this week may easily send photos and videos from Google Photos Chromecast any device, even if they have not yet backed up Google Photos. This option will be available first on Android and soon in IOS. At year end, the user can also group photos and videos and receive messages when adding new photos or videos without you set out to configure the device for this.




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