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ServiceDescriptionCostOtherFlat Fee Computer Repair (Store)Laptop PC repair this service includes, specialized removal of viruses and trojan, Rootkits, Spyware, Adware and a laptop or desktop optimization. We tend to eliminate these malicious software extremely and work hard not to resort to formatting your computer, include free antivirus installations.$8590 Days WarrantyLaptop Computer Evaluation FREE Estimates on Laptop Repair Services (not include the diagnostic) if you need your computer’s diasnostic only and do not repair, this work has a cost of $ 35FREEHard Drive Hardware RepairThis is a labor rate for hard disk hardware replacement for example and additionally add hardware costs.$85Hardware UpgradesThis is a labor rate for replacement of RAM memory hardware, video cards, power supplies, CPU, sound cards. Hardware costs are additional if the client does not provide them$35Software InstallationOur program installation service, we make sure that your programs are configured and installed correctly. Our fee is per installed program.$30Virus Removallaptop or computer has virus, adware, pop up, worms, Trojans or any other type of malware, we can generally eliminate them at a reasonable price, does not include the work of formatting your computer and save your data.$65PC TuneupIf your laptop or computer is running slowly, it could be due to a conflicting registry or it may not be a virus you may have too many services running. This service also includes the cleaning of cookies and temporary files.$35Replacement Expired Anti-VirusDoes your computer have an antivirus that no longer works and asks for money? We uninstall all the old antivirus software and we will install new free antivirus software and no more payments will be required only if the client wants to upgrade to a superior plan (usually Microsoft Security Defender or another)$30Data RecoveryOur data recovery service the price is variable in most cases, we can recover (images, music, documents) from your hard drive even if the laptop or computer does not start. Our minimum price starts at $ 100. We deliver a budget after the evaluation.$100 – Contact UsOperating System Re-InstallationWe will re-install your operating system and all computer drivers only this service is for the wimdows or mac (If you do not have the recovery discs of your PC, we will help you order them (the installation media costs are additional) Do not include data restoration.$65
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