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Best Computer Repair 77026 Houston MCR Repair Computers Pc Laptop Same Day average 4 hours Get You Fix Desktop Notebook, Virus removal, Formatting, Replacing the Hard Drive Slow Computer internet problems all brands HP, DELL, TOSHIBA, LENOVO, ASUS, ACER, GATEWAY, SONY, COMPAQ, MSI, SAMSUNG


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computer repair 77026

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Don’t worry, we are honest people, we check your computer and give you the repair price, also if you want you can buy your parts and we only charge you for the work.

computer repair 77026





Laptop & Desktop


Clean Virus, Troyanos, Spyware


Dust Cleaning


Windows & Hardware


Connection issues


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iPhone in 15 minutes y Samsung same day.

Otros Servicios Reparación de Celulares

Reparamos las pantallas de los telefonos iPhone 6 7 8 en 15 minutos comenzando en $39 instalamos pantallas de alta calidad PREMIUN, Samsung toma mas tiempo en promedio 2 horas o el mismo dia.

Tal vez usted no sabe que hay 3 tipos de pantalla basic (fragil se quiebra rapido bajo colores) PREMIUN similar al original en 80% en promedio,  esa es la diferencia en el precio, la mayoria de sitios de reparaciones no le dicen esto para que regrese rapido, ya sabe barato ?

computer repair 77026

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Venta y Reparación De Computadoras, Ofreciendo Servicios y Productos De Alta Calidad, Confianza y Precios Razonables.



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computer repair 77026

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computer repair 77026
computer repair 77026
computer repair 77026

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¿Listo para reparar tu computadora? ¡Te esperamos en 3403 Orlando St Houston 77093!

Need Computer Repair 77026? We Cheap call *281-701-2651* Fix Desktop Pc Laptop Virus Removal Same Day Walk-in 3403 Orlando St 77093 Houston Around Fiesta Mark Get You Computer Repair in 4 hours or less.

computer repair 77026


We Computer Repair 77026 ™ (281)-701-2651 Laptop Desktop Pc Fix Houston | PC Support | PC Virus Removal offers service once the customer was guided to, technical support you can be confident in! Our team of support certified we do the work the same day, reparation of computers and laptop.*All prices shown may be subject to change and variation


Visit Store 3403 Orlando St. Houston Tx 77093

Flat Rate in Shop Open 6 days week

Clean Virus 

Diagnose and repair software problems

• Diagnose, repair or replace any bad hardware
• Backup all personal information
• Install AntiVirus / Spyware Scanners
• Upgrade Hardware (Ram, Hard Drive, Video, etc.)
• Install any programs, 
• Replace / Repair DC jack
• Clean case/fan dust
• Install Windows Updates / Optimize Windows
• Install printers / scanners / cameras etc.

• Express Turnaround (when available)
• Laptop screen service only (no software work)
• Replace / Repair laptop DC jack l
• Laptop keyboard service only
• Install programs, migrate and import data
• Backup important files 
• Replace Power supply service
• Install wireless or wired network card, modem

Do you need stuff off your crashed or malfunctioning hard drive, USB drive, iPod, flash camera card, or other data storage device?

Stage 1 data recovery is designed to recover files that are accidentally deleted, corrupted, or lost, also for hard drives or other media with minor mechanical.

Advanced data recovery is designed for hard drives with blown motors, severe head crashes, or major mechanical malfunctions. (or in rare cases more) if successful. Computer Repair 77026

Time is money. Take advantage of our totally onsite service rate. We’ll come to your home or business and stay there till the job is done in Pc Desktop Laptop Repair 77026 Houston.

The average home service call takes about an hour to an hour and a half. Additional time may be required if there are complex issues or multiple computers to fix.

MCR is Best Laptop Repair 77026 Fix 4 Hours

Onsite technicians may negotiate a fixed rate if the pc can be returned to our shop to avoid excessive onsite hours.

Laptop keyboard repairs & replacement
Laptop CPU replacement
Laptop Motherboard
Laptop Battery Replacement
Laptop memory upgrades
Laptop Cleaning
Laptop LCD backlight
Laptop fan repairs & replacement
Laptop system recovery and Operating System installation
We’re available 6 days a week for all your laptops need,

Does your computer perform much slower than it use too?
When you get on the web or run programs does it hang up or load very slowly?
Are you getting memory dump errors,black screens,blue screens or system boot errors?

I have over 25 years of experience repair computer and windows laptop and pc troubleshooting experience.
the business I can save you money on your pc repair bill.

Non-boot errors,Blue screens, error messages, pc not starting up or pc crashes,

Damaged, broken, or dead lcd replacements

Administrator password removals for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10

Problems with software and software installs

Spyware cleaning, adware removals, Viruses cleaning, Trojans cleaning, Malware cleaning,

Replacements, upgrades and diagnostics of all hardware components

Personal data Backups and recovery

Complete re-installs of your windows system and Windows file system repairs or

I deal with many othe computer or laptop issues so please ask me about any pc or laptop problem you might have.

I work on all windows operating systems.



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